Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Meanwhile ...

The BBC chews the fat with a child murderer
Sorry, not children, 'targets'. My mistake.

It's Harriet Harman for paedophilia!
Progressives look the other way while Nero fiddles.

Remembrance Day poppy sellers in Bradford to have minders for their own protection
From 'youths', apparently. Nothing more specific, I'm afraid.


hellosnackbar said...

Well Bede 3 little jewels of crap supported by politically correct morons.
The BBC needs mass sackings and a turnaround to what used to be their impartiality based on moral common sense.
The recent outrages committed by Paki putrids on naive native children with apathetic parents should be a stark reminder that multiculturalism(cultural equivalence) is a myth of politically correct nonsense(Islamic types who are forbidden extra marital sexual relationships with female members of the ummah,prey on vulnerable pubescent girls.)
The poppy sellers should be protected by trained mature troups who should take photographs and arrest the shits that object to a memorium of those who died during the war.
It's time to get tough!

IlĂ­on said...

"It's Harriet Harman for paedophilia!
Progressives look the other way while Nero fiddles.

Fiddles, diddles; it's all good.

Jenkins said...


I just read one of your old postings: 'Tonight we're gonna party like it's 1984' from way back in 2007.

I couldn't leave a comment there so I thought I'd leave it here.

Your analysis of how exactly our civilisation got to be in the rut it is currently in is the best and the most comprehensive I have ever read.

It must have been suggested to you at some point in the past that you write a book in which you bring together all the different ideas that you have presented on this blog. If it hasn't been suggested then I am happy to be the first to do so.

hennesli said...

the only fighting force left against the decadent, puerile and obscene culture of the west is, unfortunately, Islamism.

Are the X-factor, torture porn movies and Jimmy Saville really the price we pay for liberty? I don't know, (I hope not) but as the saying goes, I would rather get stoned and commit adultery than get stoned for committing adultery.

Diseased, decadent and confusing as our culture is, its still better than most of alternatives on offer.

Darrell said...

but as the saying goes

Students at the VBI (Venerable Bede Institute) will, of course, recognize the "saying" as a flipped version of the an old Bob Monkhouse gag: "I don't want to live in a society where I get stoned for committing adultery. I want to live in a society where I get stoned and then commit adultery." The Bedetopian quest is to live in neither of those two outlined societies. We've done better.

Darrell said...

Are you all prepared for Mayan Doomsday, Bedes? You are going to treat us to one last brilliant post before we're all gone, right? You are too kind.

The Venerable Bede said...

Has it happened yet?
Did I miss it?
Or are these our last few minutes? I must admit I've been shamefully lax in keeping track of it.

I did see that prattish Australian PM Gillard had nothing better to do than make a 'funny' speech on the matter:

Let's see if she's still laughing this time next year when Iran kicks off.

Darrell said...

No you haven't missed it. Yet. December 21st is day, as much as I like to believe it was November 6.

Do you have anything to say about Lord Monckton of Brenchley? "In the 16 years we have been coming to these conferences, there has been no global warming. . ." No wonder he was stripped of his UN credentials. Facts have no place at UN gatherings.

Darrell said...

I hope we get a Christmas post even if its not about the day. If the BBC can do it . . .

Darrell said...

Question. My Browser isn't displaying any new content--being apparently stuck at October 23, 2012. Should I kick it?

hennesli said...

is this blog dead or is my browser stuck? the last post was october 2012 according to my computer

Darrell said...

Has your subscription/free trial lapsed?

I, too, found myself in that unfortunate situation and was able to secure more content here than I could shake a stick at with the help of a simple home equity loan. Now I hardly have time to do anything else! The around-the-clock streaming content from the Oxford librarian cams alone was worth the fare. I had second thoughts about dropping the actual payment in the train station locker, but those doubts turned out to be completely unwarranted. Join the flock! You won't be sorry!